So for those of you who don't know, I've been working for my parents to avoid taking on a 9-5 position (which I abhorred for the couple months I did it). I do some financial stuff and bookkeeping for their business, but nothing too accounting-y. And I work from home so I can choose how I split up my hours and I'm flexible to take a day off if I need and make up for it the rest of the week. I also like that it's no longer about how long I'm working, but about what I accomplish.

Anyway, my point being... my parents live 6 hours away so occasionally I have to visit. And this is one of those times. One of the few non-business-related endeavors my parents have given me as an employee is to come clean their home. Now this is not a normal home... they started a business while my brother and I were in elementary school. They've never gotten the house back in order. It looks like one of those Horders type of shows. But for a few days, I am here cleaning and one room is already looking spectacular. I'll see if I can take some good pictures and show you.

If I'm not posting much until Monday, it's because I'm here either cleaning feverishly (and throwing out six garbage bags of trash a day!) or I'm playing with my darling niece. She's 3 years old and freaking adorable! I'm picking her up from school today because I'm awesome.

By the way, she calls me "Aunt Wah-rah". And she can say her L's....

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  1. Aunt Wa-rah...too cute :) Piper still can't pronounce my name either! Good luck cleaning!


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