Charity Made Easy (and Cute!)


Aside from, my new favorite way to donate to charity is by finding Etsy shops donating to worthy causes, or in this case fundraising for a very important event that will change lives directly. Darling Janel from crafty blog Run With Scissors is trying to adopt a wonderful Ethiopian girl named Pita with her husband. They have a $5,000 fee for their adoption application - small pennies in the scheme of charities, but an incredibly hefty price tag for a young couple. Their goal is to raise this money by March 1st. To reach that goal, Janel has set up a beautiful Etsy shop filled with handmade items from her and from generous and talented bloggers and Etsians. Items range from the beautiful print above at just $5 to ad space on the blog, earrings, and a custom portrait.

The coolest item is this quilt project... Janel is sewing a quilt for Pita made from 100 quilt squares. For $5, she will sew your name into one of the squares. She wants this to be a reminder of all the amazing people who so kindly supported the joining of these three people to start a new life together. She wants Pita to be able to read the names of those who brought her to her new parents. Janel never wants Pita to forget how lucky she is and how generous the world can be.

I believe it is incredibly important to give some of my good fortune to those who are truly in need. I am blessed to be able to clothe, feed, and shelter myself easily and to have money left over for special things that enrich my soul. If you feel as I do, that you are in the wonderful position to enrich the souls of others, do take a moment to look through The Push For Pita shop and see if this is the right place to lay some of your blessings.

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