Beautiful World We Live In

So it may have taken him almost a year and a half, but the Boy finally brought me flowers. And they are my favorites and the most beautiful flowers I've ever been given. And I've been given a lot of flowers.... I was a dancer all through school. 

Anyway, can you see that color?! Yep, they are a beautiful creamy white with a splash of purple on the inside. And the tip of the petals is green to reference those gorgeous green stems. I'm in love! And not just with the flowers.... *wink*

And the greatest part? He listened to me and then he thought about me and what would make me happy. And then.... oh yes! Then he went a little bit out of his way to do it. On a random Tuesday. Just because he knew it would make me happy. Are you thankful for your loved ones today?

PS - please excuse some of the bad photoshop. I had to get rid of the dead plants on my balcony, but I didn't have time to do a good job.

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