The Big O Show! - The Best Of

oscars best dressed list; who was the best dressed at the oscars

I'm going to go ahead and say Camila Alves (who is she?!) knocked it out of the park and back with her impeccably-fitting black Kaufmanfranco gown. Simple, stunning, statement-making.

Celine Dion looks fantastic! I like seeing the slightly older celebrities still showing off in their red carpet wear. No dowdy short-sleeved gowns for Celine in Armani Prive!

Despite the odd shape and those awful bright orange shoes, I really loved Nicole Kidman's Christian Dior Couture number. It looked good on her and wasn't overly fussy or too simple.

Helen Mirren looks pretty in Vivienne Westwood. It's age-appropriate, but not "grandma".

Marisa Tomei wore a fun Charles James gown. I love how the puffy tulle skirt if contrasted with the skin-tight bodice. And the color makes it all look gorgeous instead of wacky.

My second favorite (right after Camila Alves) was absolutely Mila Kunis. She chose a flowy, unexpected gown in a fantastic color no one wears. She stood out in a dress that draped well on her and showed off her gorgeousness. Her hair was perfect, jewelry understated and pretty, and makeup unnoticeable (as it should be!). Perfection.

Darling little one (just 14 years old!) Hailee Steinfeld wore a fantastic Marchesa gown. She looks precisely as she should at that age. I'm so happy to see she didn't try to sex-it-up, but rather went for "pretty".

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The Big O Show! - The Disappointments

I'm going to start by saying the red carpet at The Oscars last night was depressingly bad. There were way more failures than successes. I'm not going to pick out *every* worst-dressed. But I'll do the most horrid offenders, most surprisingly bad, and the biggest starlets who chose poorly. Stay tuned for the best dressed list. It will make you much happier.

While this color makes me so happy, doesn't Natalie Portman look preggo in Rodarte?? (Oh, and if she is pregnant, then I take this all back and put her back on the best-dressed list.)

What is Halle Berry doing in this Marchesa tulle monstrosity?

There are no words for the awfulness of Florence Welch's Valentino number.

Jennifer Lawrence looks like she's filming a new episode of Baywatch in her Calvin Klein dress. Plus, it's kind of boring.

This Chanel dress made Michelle Williams look oddly-shaped and really washed her out.

What is up with Reese Witherspoon's hair?! I mean, the Armani dress isn't bad... maybe even sort of pretty, though it doesn't do much for her chest. But the ditsy high-ponytail ruins the whole look. It makes her appear so ditsy. Guess we're back to Legally Blonde.

Mandy Moore wore a Monique Lhuillier gown. Between the sparkly arms and the odd segmented construction, it made her look very strange. And her hips are definitely not that big...


I'm not sure what was up with the sparkles last night... Both Penelope Cruz and Amy Adams chose L'Wren Scott dresses that were just awkward. As was Annette Bening's Naeem Khan gown. I thought we left "sparkly" back in middle school??

I'm not sure what to say about the hot mess that was Scarlett Johansson in Dolce & Gabbana. See-through is just a bad idea for The Oscars. Her hair was depressing because she's usually gorgeous! Can you say "girl crush"? And the eye makeup made her look stoned. I will note that The Boy said she looks "really hot".... men have no taste.

oscars best dressed list; who was the best dressed at the oscars

We had a trio of matching ladies tonight. None of them looked bad, necessarily. It's just that they all looked so similar and a little too frou-frou below the waist. Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang, Jennifer Hudson in Versace (oh and doesn't her body look amazing now?!), and Anne Hathaway in Valentino (though I believe she switched gowns a couple times throughout the night as a co-host).

Cate Blanchett wearing a Givenchy Couture gown. Yowza! All that beading and the weird circle in the middle of her chest..... well the more I look at it, the more I get used to it. But still. It's pretty terrible. And I hate the shoulders/sleeves.

Despite Melissa Leo's little f-word mishap, I thought she was darling.... but her dress? Not so much. The Marc Bouwer outfit was ill-fitting, too lacy in a bad way, poorly shaped, and the color looked terrible with her hair and skin.

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Polish Lust!!

I almost died when I saw these freaking adorable Pantone Nail Polishes by Renata Veiga..... and then actually died when I realized they were a concept piece, not an actual purchasable product. Cue depression.

Also, when will Pantone stop owning the rainbow?

PS - the same artist also created Pantone Eye Shadows and a slew of other really cute potential products!


Beautiful World We Live In

So it may have taken him almost a year and a half, but the Boy finally brought me flowers. And they are my favorites and the most beautiful flowers I've ever been given. And I've been given a lot of flowers.... I was a dancer all through school. 

Anyway, can you see that color?! Yep, they are a beautiful creamy white with a splash of purple on the inside. And the tip of the petals is green to reference those gorgeous green stems. I'm in love! And not just with the flowers.... *wink*

And the greatest part? He listened to me and then he thought about me and what would make me happy. And then.... oh yes! Then he went a little bit out of his way to do it. On a random Tuesday. Just because he knew it would make me happy. Are you thankful for your loved ones today?

PS - please excuse some of the bad photoshop. I had to get rid of the dead plants on my balcony, but I didn't have time to do a good job.

I Eat A Lot Of Chocolate.

This is inspiring me today.


Feathery Bowls

Paper Bowl - Feathery Vessel

I found this Paper Bowl ($24) by Monica Marks at papernstitch. Don't you just love it?!

Spotlight On: Poor Dog Farm

Peek - a - Boo   -print

Every once in a while, I run across an artist who makes beautiful 2D work I want to line my walls with. I mean, I frequently find a piece or two that I like from an artist. But it's rare that I like the majority of a person's work. I guess what makes me like so much of the pieces at Poor Dog Farm is that they have a fantastic voice that shines through them and a coveted surety of style that many artists spend decades searching for. This Peek-a-Boo Print ($17) might be my favorite because of the colors.

Elephant Queen (an original 8x10 hand painted Queen)  Elephant King (an original 8x10 hand painted king)

But in close second are all the fantastic elephant pieces... because I'm obsessed with elephants. There's an obscene variety of animals represented in the shop, many of which wear odd hats. I mean, chinchillas and rhinos live freely amongst foxes and geese. Take a look for yourself!!

ACEO signed PRINT -  Sepia Elephant King

Prices in the shop range from small $5 prints to fantastic $400 original watercolors and everything in between! I'm strongly considering a love affair with a trio of crowned animals... What's your favorite animal? Is there a print of it in the shop? I'm dying to know which of these pieces is going to grace your walls.



Tablecloth Play House

While I normally loathe all things pink, there's nothing like spending time in a seven-year-old's brain to make you think pink. I totally wish I had this Tablecloth Play House ($78) by Cool Spaces For Kids when I was a little girl!! I used to play house under my dining room table too. I also wish I had had this Burberry One Piece Swimsuit ($80) from Nordstrom as a wee one.

        Point of No Return Heel

The Point of No Return Heels ($109) at ModCloth will have to suffice as my grown-up dose of pink. Or, if I'm feeling super-girly, I could wear this lacy Chiffon Bubble Dress ($50) from Delia's.


I'm coveting this darling Neapolitan Waterfall Ruffle Duvet Cover ($148) from Urban Outfitters for my bedroom. Since it's a tad out of my price range, I'm going to settle for this magical Silence and Noise Photography Print of the Eiffel Tower ($23) at Art Garage Sale. And I'm definitely drinking out of this Fancy and Fresh Water Bottle ($23) from ModCloth from now on.

Fancy and Fresh Water Bottle

The Coolest New Blogger

miss v

Who's the coolest newbie in the blogosphere?
No, it's not me.

It's little Miss V! This darling 7-year old likes things girly and glittery; and like all girls her age - pink. She brings you her favorite things with the help of her mommy (Blogger, Bonnie Tsang). While Mommy sometimes contributes her own finds, Miss V is the driving force of the blog and clearly chooses many of the post topics and voices off on them in her adorable first grade way.

And don't miss the chance to ask this itty bitty an anonymous (G-rated) question on her Formspring!


Decorating Unique: Air Plants

I'm head over heels for this creative Air Plant Garden on Amethyst Specimen ($45) at Earth Sea Warrior. They have a big collection of different display pieces, all growing air plants, called Air Plant Curiosities. I also particularly like the Lepidolite Mica Heart Air Plant Garden ($40) because it's swirly and girly, but still rugged enough to warrant a place at my pad. The whole collection is so unique I can hardly resist, even though I still have a few days left of my no-shopping-February. Which, by the way, has gone splendidly!

PS - to go along with the whole air plant trend, do check out my other blog - Bling of the Day - for a wow-your-socks-off necklace made with teensy succulents!


Textured Nail Trend

caviar nails

Rarely do we see a 3D trend in nails! This is the brainchild of someone backstage at the Cushnie et Ochs show during New York Fashion Week, this past week. I heard about it from Kelly over at The DailyBuss.

I think it's exciting and can't wait for a special night to try this myself. To DIY:

1. prepare a bowl of seed beads (itty bitty round beads you can buy at any bead or craft store)
2. paint a nail
3. while paint is still wet, dip nail in the bowl of beads
4. pat any loose beads down so they stick
5. repeat with each nail
6. a very thin top coat helps the beads stick if you're planning on doing more than walking a runway!

If this is too easy for you, you can try painstakingly creating stripes or other designs. But you'll have to use your other hand to place the beads on the right color and it will be harder to keep the paint from drying while you work. Tip: if you're going this route, you can add a drop of clear polish on dry spots to set the beads in.

*Photo Credit: Jessica at What I Wore


Flickr Commons (Again)

Doesn't this beautiful image of jazz singer June Christy in 1947 remind you of Katherine Hepburn? The colors here are smashing as well.

On another note, wasn't Katherine Hepburn's kitchen so beautifully lived-in and comforting before she passed?


Image 1 Credit: William P. Gottlieb, image here.
Image 2 Credit:, courtesy Sterling Publishing, image here.

Luggage Lusting

The new Life Capri collection by Bric's is available over at Forzieri. It's freaking awesome. Look at that ravishingly fresh blue suede mixed with a sweet eggshell cream! I'm lusting, majorly. This one's the Micro-Suede Medium Hold All Travel Bag ($350), but there's a slew of different sizes and shapes for you to choose from. Get any item from the collection in white or blue, both with cream accents.


Shop-orama In My Pajamas

Like most of the female persuasion, I love shopping. But sometimes I'm just not in the mood for the crowds, the boutique-hopping, and wrestling myself in and out of clothing. That's when I turn to my beloved. I don't mean The Boy.... I mean the Internet. These finds are from my most recent inexcursion.

Clockwise from top-left:
Hand Painted Blue Layers Scarf ($37) by Tsifca - so floaty and ethereal!
Weathered Wood Hanging Strand ($19) at West Elm - I would love a curtain of these in a doorway.
Sleeveless Lace Chiffon Dress ($58) at American Apparel - the styling in this image is fantastic.
Seven Feathers Mobile ($46) by Cori Kindred - if I had a little one around, this would be over the crib!
Zebra Slipper Chair ($329) at Urban Outfitters - a great statement piece for my mostly white living room.

Clockwise from top-left:
Adriatic Wave Statement Neckpiece ($135) by Giia - this would turn some heads!
Kimchi Blue Lace Bib Knit Dress ($49) at Urban Outfitters - looking forward to summer...
Elvis Presley Performance Umbrella ($25) at Unique Vintage - I'm not an Elvis fan, but I love this.
Wilma Bench in Mabel ($875) at The Future Perfect - this would look awesome in an entryway.
Convertible Chain Link Necklace ($30) by Juicy Couture - this converts to a bracelet too!
Queen Anne's Lace Hand Printed Fabric ($25/yard) by Susan Shinnick - if only I could sew...