Winter Blues

So maybe Christmas is over and gingerbread houses are typically Christmas things... but gingerbread is generally wintry and I really love anything that reminds me of happy events (hello - Christmas!) during the winter. I tend to get a bit of seasonal depression, but this would totally help! Tickle My Tummy makes these adorable Mini Gingerbread Houses that fit over the side of your teacup (or any cup) to brighten your beverage and your mood! And they're priced so friendly: for $15 you get 6! Perfect for your next coffee/tea gathering. I'll be using them for hot chocolate as I nestle with The Boy by the fire with a House marathon on TV.

{UPDATE: I've found a DIY for these fantastic gingerbread houses!! The How-To is at Not Martha and seems pretty easy to follow and everything certainly looks delicious.}

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