SAG Awards

It's no secret I love 30 Rock (though NBC did a number on me with their whole Conan fiasco, I can't help but adore this great show). Well last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Tina Fey looked spectacular. That dewy makeup, sideswept 'do, and slinky red dress made her look more glamorous than I've ever seen.

Now here comes the confession.... I also love Glee. Yeah. I know the writing is awful and the lip syncing worse, but it's really addictive! And I just adore darling Lea Michele as she becomes less darling and more daring... and womanly and sexy. She's growing quickly into her mature celebrity role and I love it. Check out this body-skimming silver number she was wearing yesterday. Um, gorgeous! And that hair.... that's morning-after hair, but in a good way. I officially want to look like this at my next formal event.

Also, did you notice both dresses are Oscar de la Renta. Knocked it out of the park!

**I can't determine the photo credits... these photos are just all over the web right now. I would like to credit appropriately if I can, so if anyone knows the original source please let me know in the comments! I'll even give you (or your blog) a shout-out if you like.

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