Gilded Cupcakes

Muffin Cup White Gold

So it all started when I ran across these beautiful cupcake tins in a Creature Comforts post. The Muffin Cup White Gold ($4.50 for 25) is available at Fancy Flours - "where bakers bloom". I find that tagline amusing. But anyway, I set about scouring the site for other elegant things I might like in my kitchen. I was struck by an entire cupcake set up I can't wait to implement for my next major soiree. Ok, so I don't have soirees all that often... the point still remains: this would be beautiful.

Venetian Mirrored Cake Pedestals, Set of 3 Edible Gold Leaf Petals

Picture it. Gorgeous chocolate cupcakes with a berry drizzle of some sort, wrapped in the tins above, sprinkled with edible gold leaf, and placed in groups of three atop these beautiful mirrored cake stands. Um, yes please.

I'm also jonesing to DIY some of these food flags and make all my future cookie endeavors in square form.

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  1. Yum! You have such a great blog... can't wait to read more :)


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