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So the (Dreaded) V-Day is coming up rather quickly. With less than twenty days left to prepare, I started thinking about my wardrobe for the evening. The Boy and I are going to a lovely little restaurant downtown that has a special Valentine's menu for a reasonable price. It was great last year, so we're happily headed back. Well, I discovered that I don't have an appropriate dress. See I hate to wear red or pink because it's so cliche. But I definitely can't wear black! And it needs to be something either tight or revealing - it is Valentine's Day!

During my rumination, I remembered Rent the Runway. And now is a wonderful time to try out the fashion service that lets you rent a dress instead of trying it. RTR really takes care of all my worries about "renting". They send you a back-up size for free so I don't have to worry about dropping the cash and it not fitting. You get to rent it for four days (or eight for an extra charge) so it's alright to have it arrive a day or two ahead of time and have a day or two to ship it back. They do all the laundering so I know it's clean when I get it and I don't have to get it washed before I send it back. And it's designer, but I don't have to pay $500 when I'll only wear it once. What's not to love?!


So here's the nitty gritty. When it came down to it, I narrowed my search for only what was still available for V-Day in my size and with a rental fee of $50. Amazingly good selection even with all my criteria. I chose the teal dress above (a Nicole Miller) because it's body-hugging but tasteful and it's a great pop of color. I love that on the description page, you're given notes about what body type it fits and what to accessorize with; good details about the shape, materials, and measurements; great size and fit information; and personal reviews from women who have rented the dress in the past (with notes on fit, style, material - everything!).

The dress was noted to have a $50 rental fee. There's a shipping charge dependent on your zip code. Mine was $12, but about twice that if I got it delivered on Saturday (like I'd hoped). There's a $5 insurance fee in case the dress is damaged, but they cover "normal" wear and tear which includes rips and small stains... even missing buttons! I had the option to pick out another dress for only $25 to add to my order in case I happened to dislike the fit of one I chose (I opted not to). You can also find coupon codes by doing a google search (I got $15 off). And if you get friends to sign up and they rent, you get $20 each to contribute to your own rentals.

Below is my runner-up dress (a LaROK) because it's just so feminine and I love the shade of purple.



  1. Twin...this is the best idea EVER! And I love the dress you picked out...it's going to look great on you :)


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