And So It Begins!!

As the first post of this new blog I thought I'd give a little note detailing what this whole shindig is going to be about. See, I graduated college last May (that's me in the photo!). Yeah..... that's almost all that can be said about my life currently. Or so I thought! The other night I realized that I do a lot with my mind even if I'm sitting around the house a lot. So I thought, "Hey, I should document the things I do!" Then I thought that would be boring. Then I realized if I mixed it with all the inspiration I want to share on my other blog (Bling of the Day) but can't because it doesn't fit the theme.... well that would be a lovely little blog people might actually want to read.

OOTD - 01/23/11

Here's what I wore yesterday: a blue thermal from Target, black skinny jeans from Aphrodite, a pair of brown suede boots I got from a vendor on the street in Paris, and my favorite cranberry knit beanie from Patagonia. It's super-cold up here in North Carolina, but just warm enough that it won't snow. I find that very depressing. But it means we get to cuddle up on the couch, sipping homemade hot chocolate while watching the end of some big football game (I don't care about the game, but I love the cuddling and the chocolate)...

So here it is. Let the Real World Begin! I'll show you what it takes to make it (or just survive) after age 22, and I'll bring you some inspiration and beauty along the way.

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