Bunting Celebration!

Celebration Mug- Hand painted ceramic mug in black and white. Dishwasher safe, non-toxic inks.

I love this Celebration Mug ($17) by My Dog And I. It's handpainted to beautifully feature bunting flags in a variety of patterns. It will definitely jazz up your morning coffee and remind you that every day is a celebration!

SAG Awards - Runners Up

Sarah Hyland - Max Mara - Me & Ro - SAG Awards 2011

I also think several other ladies did quite well on the red carpet yesterday. Firstly, Sarah Hyland of Modern Family looked fantastic in Max Mara. I'll give Mila Kunis the next spot with her floaty Alexander McQueen dress. Both girls were totally killing the color and drapey fabrics!

Mila Kunis

Heather Morris of Glee looked awesome posing in Romona Keveza with a surprisingly dapper Kevin McHale (also on the show). Even Hilary Swank looked pretty awesome in another nude-colored number by Versace.

Hilary Swank

Annette Bening

Annette Bening showed in Tony Ward Couture that you don't have to dress dowdy as you age. And beautiful Jayma Mays (of Glee as well) pumped the nude trend up a notch with a lovely Jenny Packham gown. Overall, well done celebrity fashionistas! Though there were a few grievous missteps, I won't mention names....

Jayma Mays

*Image 1: credit Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
*Image 2: credit Jeff Vespa/WireImage
*Image 3: credit unknown! please help!
*Image 4: credit Jon Kopaloff/Film Magic
*Image 5 and 6: credit Kyle Rover/StarTraksPhoto

SAG Awards

It's no secret I love 30 Rock (though NBC did a number on me with their whole Conan fiasco, I can't help but adore this great show). Well last night was the Screen Actors Guild Awards and Tina Fey looked spectacular. That dewy makeup, sideswept 'do, and slinky red dress made her look more glamorous than I've ever seen.

Now here comes the confession.... I also love Glee. Yeah. I know the writing is awful and the lip syncing worse, but it's really addictive! And I just adore darling Lea Michele as she becomes less darling and more daring... and womanly and sexy. She's growing quickly into her mature celebrity role and I love it. Check out this body-skimming silver number she was wearing yesterday. Um, gorgeous! And that hair.... that's morning-after hair, but in a good way. I officially want to look like this at my next formal event.

Also, did you notice both dresses are Oscar de la Renta. Knocked it out of the park!

**I can't determine the photo credits... these photos are just all over the web right now. I would like to credit appropriately if I can, so if anyone knows the original source please let me know in the comments! I'll even give you (or your blog) a shout-out if you like.


Winter Blues

So maybe Christmas is over and gingerbread houses are typically Christmas things... but gingerbread is generally wintry and I really love anything that reminds me of happy events (hello - Christmas!) during the winter. I tend to get a bit of seasonal depression, but this would totally help! Tickle My Tummy makes these adorable Mini Gingerbread Houses that fit over the side of your teacup (or any cup) to brighten your beverage and your mood! And they're priced so friendly: for $15 you get 6! Perfect for your next coffee/tea gathering. I'll be using them for hot chocolate as I nestle with The Boy by the fire with a House marathon on TV.

{UPDATE: I've found a DIY for these fantastic gingerbread houses!! The How-To is at Not Martha and seems pretty easy to follow and everything certainly looks delicious.}


Gilded Cupcakes

Muffin Cup White Gold

So it all started when I ran across these beautiful cupcake tins in a Creature Comforts post. The Muffin Cup White Gold ($4.50 for 25) is available at Fancy Flours - "where bakers bloom". I find that tagline amusing. But anyway, I set about scouring the site for other elegant things I might like in my kitchen. I was struck by an entire cupcake set up I can't wait to implement for my next major soiree. Ok, so I don't have soirees all that often... the point still remains: this would be beautiful.

Venetian Mirrored Cake Pedestals, Set of 3 Edible Gold Leaf Petals

Picture it. Gorgeous chocolate cupcakes with a berry drizzle of some sort, wrapped in the tins above, sprinkled with edible gold leaf, and placed in groups of three atop these beautiful mirrored cake stands. Um, yes please.

I'm also jonesing to DIY some of these food flags and make all my future cookie endeavors in square form.

Let's Jam

Arizona Arena

I love me some acoustic guitar. I'm actually hoping The Boy will learn so he can sing be cheesy love songs. He did get a starter guitar for Christmas last year.... and has yet to play it. If he ever does pick it up, I will be saving all my pennies for this beauty. The Arizona Arena ($825) by Whipping Post Leather. The same case also comes in a darker Georgia Brown and a lighter Mojave Sand, but I like this mottled brown the best.

Need More Flickr Love?


I found this lovely Geranium illustration by Jhhymas, and I think a collection of the floral illustrations from this photostream would look delightful in a line across my living room wall. And I also happened upon Roland in Vancouver 639 by Roland (below), a camera-phone picture that I think would be awesome blown up gigantic and framed in white.

Roland in Vancouver639.jpg


I've Got The Flu!


Somehow, I've come down with the flu. I feel quite awful and all I want to do is sleep and watch TV. As The Boy says, I'm not good at being sick. But what have I done with my day, absolutely nothing except catch up on my favorite blogs, read the first issue of Matchbook (which was layed-out surprisingly similarly to Lucky), and browse Flickr. The image above (Eddie by Divine in the Daily) was the first to make me swoon for portraits. Then I found these ones, too (Untitled by Jeroen Kransen, Untitled by Sevanta, and A Thumb and Some Pippitails by Soh_Phee_A):





Blushing Feet

The rosy hue makes me happy just looking at it... no telling what it would do if I wore it!

From left to right: Glam Plain Heeled Court Shoe ($90) at Top Shop, L.A.M.B. Crepe ($365) at Piperlime, and Shimmering Trellis Heels ($168) at Anthropologie

This Blizzard Came Like a Thief in the Night

Yesterday we were hit in the middle of the day by a crazy flurry of big, fat flakes. As usual, I was excited because I think snow is so charmingly beautiful... I took photos, of course. And then, twenty minutes later, the snow was gone. Completely gone. It was just wet and gross. But at least it will get warmer. In the meantime, while I wait for the warmth to come, I'll be cuddling with my laptop and my favorite blanket (hand knit by my boyfriend's mom!).

Technical Difficulties

For some reason, my lovely host site (Blogger) does not like my computer right now. So I'll be back as soon as possible with more delightful inspiration and beautiful objects! Until then, feel free to check out my other blog, Bling of the Day, where I feature a new piece of jewelry each day.

*Image Credit - Flickr Commons.


I'm a Little Teapot

I was given the go-ahead to find a cute teapot for our apartment. I'm super-picky and want it to match my decor, so even though I won't be purchasing this one I do think it's exceptionally adorable. Find this Little Red Riding Hood Tea Pot ($44) at FredFlare. And if you're more about history than fairy tales, you might prefer the Tiger Lily Tea Pot featuring a Native American girl.

Decaying Artifacts of Society


I can't get enough of this new post on The Storque (Etsy's blog), Left Behind: The Ruins of Detroit.

It gives us a glimse at the fantastic photographic philosophy of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre, who also published a book on the subject. And it lets us in on a beautiful examination of the falling city of Detroit, with once decadent buildings now shattered and dust-covered.

But still... somehow they are exquisite.

Elegant and Dark

I just love this image! So beautiful... As a ballerina, I usually hate dance movies. But Black Swan was actually rather good. The film is losing it's original excitement in the media, but if you still haven't seen it I suggest you catch up before it leaves theaters! Just don't take under-agers... it's got some *cough* hefty material.


Reflective Staircase

I almost fell over when I saw this staircase! Those little mirror tiles not only add a big oomph and shock value to your home, but their reflectivity will also bounce light all around a dark corner or hallway. It got me thinking, what about placing a few rows of these above the baseboards in a hallway? How gorge would that be?!

Photo by Polly Wreford via Sarah Kaye Representation (clients such as Burberry, Vogue, and Motorola).

Dress Renting


So the (Dreaded) V-Day is coming up rather quickly. With less than twenty days left to prepare, I started thinking about my wardrobe for the evening. The Boy and I are going to a lovely little restaurant downtown that has a special Valentine's menu for a reasonable price. It was great last year, so we're happily headed back. Well, I discovered that I don't have an appropriate dress. See I hate to wear red or pink because it's so cliche. But I definitely can't wear black! And it needs to be something either tight or revealing - it is Valentine's Day!

During my rumination, I remembered Rent the Runway. And now is a wonderful time to try out the fashion service that lets you rent a dress instead of trying it. RTR really takes care of all my worries about "renting". They send you a back-up size for free so I don't have to worry about dropping the cash and it not fitting. You get to rent it for four days (or eight for an extra charge) so it's alright to have it arrive a day or two ahead of time and have a day or two to ship it back. They do all the laundering so I know it's clean when I get it and I don't have to get it washed before I send it back. And it's designer, but I don't have to pay $500 when I'll only wear it once. What's not to love?!


So here's the nitty gritty. When it came down to it, I narrowed my search for only what was still available for V-Day in my size and with a rental fee of $50. Amazingly good selection even with all my criteria. I chose the teal dress above (a Nicole Miller) because it's body-hugging but tasteful and it's a great pop of color. I love that on the description page, you're given notes about what body type it fits and what to accessorize with; good details about the shape, materials, and measurements; great size and fit information; and personal reviews from women who have rented the dress in the past (with notes on fit, style, material - everything!).

The dress was noted to have a $50 rental fee. There's a shipping charge dependent on your zip code. Mine was $12, but about twice that if I got it delivered on Saturday (like I'd hoped). There's a $5 insurance fee in case the dress is damaged, but they cover "normal" wear and tear which includes rips and small stains... even missing buttons! I had the option to pick out another dress for only $25 to add to my order in case I happened to dislike the fit of one I chose (I opted not to). You can also find coupon codes by doing a google search (I got $15 off). And if you get friends to sign up and they rent, you get $20 each to contribute to your own rentals.

Below is my runner-up dress (a LaROK) because it's just so feminine and I love the shade of purple.



Day Dreaming

So I was reading up on The Art of Non-Conformity (a truly wonderful endeavor by a single man named Chris whose philosophy is for us to do what we love and stop doing what is expected of us when the two conflict) and saw this fantastic quote from Barbara Sher:

"Whatever your dreams are, start taking them very, very seriously."

Well I feel sufficiently chastised. And inspired. At the same time.

What are your dreams? Which ones have you been neglecting lately? I'll start! I have a list of "things to do before I die" filled with my dreams. The top three (though the list isn't in order) are go on a hot air balloon ride, surprise myself, and live somewhere I love. I'd love to hear about yours!

Image: (C) All Rights Reserved by Aaron Reed.

And So It Begins!!

As the first post of this new blog I thought I'd give a little note detailing what this whole shindig is going to be about. See, I graduated college last May (that's me in the photo!). Yeah..... that's almost all that can be said about my life currently. Or so I thought! The other night I realized that I do a lot with my mind even if I'm sitting around the house a lot. So I thought, "Hey, I should document the things I do!" Then I thought that would be boring. Then I realized if I mixed it with all the inspiration I want to share on my other blog (Bling of the Day) but can't because it doesn't fit the theme.... well that would be a lovely little blog people might actually want to read.

OOTD - 01/23/11

Here's what I wore yesterday: a blue thermal from Target, black skinny jeans from Aphrodite, a pair of brown suede boots I got from a vendor on the street in Paris, and my favorite cranberry knit beanie from Patagonia. It's super-cold up here in North Carolina, but just warm enough that it won't snow. I find that very depressing. But it means we get to cuddle up on the couch, sipping homemade hot chocolate while watching the end of some big football game (I don't care about the game, but I love the cuddling and the chocolate)...

So here it is. Let the Real World Begin! I'll show you what it takes to make it (or just survive) after age 22, and I'll bring you some inspiration and beauty along the way.